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to translate a writing
to improve a writing
to correct a writing
the proper Italian
home page, known in Italy for his free activity in proofreading in Italian, now offers an on-line professional translation service. Tarif for the version from English into Italian of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES texts is only 12 euros for a 500 words folder.
Impeccable elegant style thorugh the intervention of Beauty Center Texts working group included in the provided service.
The perfect teams's linguistic knowledge becames a determining factor for manuals or textbooks works.

Translation and proofreading of personal or professional letters or documents Personal / Professional

personal documents
  • Personal letters
  • Letters to agencies or institutions
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Requests for documents
professional documents
  • Letters to agencies or institutions
  • Legal letters
  • Advertising and business letters
  • Newspapers articles
  • Any other type of text
up to 5 pages

more than 5 pages
what is included
  • translation carried out by operators with specifc disciplinary skills
  • editing
  • exposition's clarity control
  • spelling, syntax and coherence's control
  • Beauty Center Text's support
    (style improvement)
  • A week up to 5 pages
  • urgencies: 48 h up to 5 pages
covered languages Italian English French Spanish Albanian